Save searches, share searches, activate alerts

  • Once you find a combination of keywords and filters that yields strong results, you can save a search by clicking the save search icon below the keyword search box, and naming your search.


  • This means you can login at another point and access the most up to date list of candidates according to this search criteria without having to repeatedly type keywords and choose filters.



  • You can then activate an alert based on this criteria, so that if somebody creates a new profile, or updates their profile and it becomes relevant to your search criteria, you will receive an email notifying you. You can easily deactivate it when it´s no longer relevant. This can save you lots of time repeating tasks, and in doing so allow you work more efficiently.
  • You can also activate alerts on searches that your colleagues have run previously under the “shared searches” tab.
  • All saved & recent searches and alerts can be reviewed on the candidate search or on the Recruiter Dashboard.