How is the organization profile information compiled?

Every day global development professionals share their expertise on their individual Devex profiles. New project information is continuously added to the Devex contract awards database, and Devex news articles frequently reference the work of various organizations. By consolidating this content, individuals seeking insights into different organizations can easily access it in one convenient location. Organizations can take advantage of the Devex platform to showcase their experiences to the international development community.

In the development sector, organizations must go beyond simply telling their story; they must demonstrate trust and transparency by showing it.

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1. Overview

The overview section provides an introduction to the organization. Our team curates this content using information from your website. This includes details such as the type and size of the organization, number of offices, development budget, founding year, as well as links to the organization’s website and social media.

2. Jobs

The latest jobs section lists the organization's current job openings posted on Devex job board

The similar organizations section gives Devex users a list of other organizations that work in the same space as the one they're looking at. It helps users explore and compare more options in the same area of work.

3. News

Devex members learn as much about an organization's work from Devex news articles as they do from past project information. The In the news section offers a bird's-eye view of these articles by automatically listing all those published on Devex that reference the organization.

4. Experience

This section shows the experience of your organization by combining the sector and funder information found in individual staff Devex profiles with that in contract awards entries.

As the team completes their individual profiles and there's more past project content added to the contract award database, a stronger picture will be presented. Those contract awards that have been recently added to the Devex database are highlighted here.

Much of this information is shared by the larger donors publicly. If you work with a donor that doesn't share as much, please send it to us, and we'll add it to the database.

5. Contacts

Forging partnerships within the international development community has never been more important. By giving external-facing team members more visibility, this section acts as a go-to place for contacting the right person to expand networks and progress partnerships.

6. Offices

The Offices section provides the locations where the organization operates. It helps Devex users see where the organization operates worldwide and understand its presence and distribution across different regions.

**While our data team gathers and updates organization information on our website, we can also grant administrator access to designated members of each organization, allowing them to make updates. To request access, please send us a message at