How to complete your profile

In this article, we will help you out with a few tips about your Devex profile. Since your profile serves as your handy CV in the Devex community of international development professionals, it plays a huge part in setting first impressions with the recruiters of hiring organizations. 

Making sure that you've filled out your Devex profile completely is already half the battle. So make sure that you do this before you begin your job search! (For the exact steps on how to fill out your Devex profile, click HERE.)

1.  Personal Information


The personal information section requires your first name, last name, job title, and location, and provides the option to include your personal pronouns.

Job title. You could enter your job title here or use a descriptive phrase if it better represents your role. This one-phrase summary is visible to recruiters checking your profile.

Once you fill out all necessary information, click on the "Save" button to apply them to your profile.


2. Professional Summary


The summary field in the professional summary section is where you enter a brief summary that represents your identity as a development professional. This serves as both your personal branding statement and an opportunity to express your desired career direction.

You may only add up to three citizenships and five languages. If you can speak more than five languages, you may list them in the summary field, or in the skills & expertise section.   


  • Please make sure that the countries for citizenship and languages that you enter are current. That is, you indeed have existing citizenship with the country, and the language you've indicated is one that you could comfortably use when working.
  • The Experience Snapshot section of your Devex profile is system generated based on keywords found in your profile details and attached CV. If the details on your Experience Snapshot are inaccurate, you may hide this section instead. Just click on the tick box beside Show Snapshot to temporarily hide this information.

* This is available under Professional Summary, just click edit and scroll down.




3. Skills & Expertise



The skills & expertise section is now your perfect opportunity to back up your professional summary. Here, you can either enumerate all skill sets and areas of expertise, or write them in a paragraph form. There are even formatting buttons available to help with some keywords that you'd like to emphasize.

Note: Think of expertise as the specialization that you have in your sector. The skills, on the other hand, is the set of skills that you normally share with your peers in your profession. E.g., skill: urban planning; expertise: transportation planning.


4.  My Work (Employment History)



  • Members who haven't completed their employment history can choose to use the 'Upload CV' tool, located at the top of their Personal Information. This tool will automatically populate their profile with the relevant information.
CV Upload.png
  • To fill out the start and end dates of your employment history, avoid typing dates manually. Use the pop-up calendar to select the start and end dates to  successfully save the changes.

Remember to upload your most recent CV to your Devex profile, but also ensure that you fill out and keep your employment history section up to date. Recruiters frequently search for candidates using keywords, which include information from the employment history section. So, by completing this section and keeping it current, you enhance your chances of being discovered by potential employers. 


5. Education


The education section of your Devex profile should also reflect the full list of universities that you've attended. In the event that your degree is not listed under the ”Degrees” pull-down menu, just contact us so we could request its inclusion.


6. CVS


Make sure that your uploaded CVs are updated and that you use file names that would make it easy for recruiters' use. Since you may upload several CVs, you may also tailor your CVs according to the skills that you're good at. E.g., CV name: Jane_Doe_WB or Jane_Doe_EuropeanCommission.

For steps on how to upload your CV, click HERE.


7. References


The power of references in global development recruitment should not be underestimated. In this section, you have the option to add their contact details. We understand that our members might have concerns about the privacy of their references in some cases. You may leave this section blank and only enter them in your uploaded CV, as CVs will only be accessible to our member recruiters. 


8. Associations


The associations section is where you enter the names of the associations, organizations, and groups you are affiliated with. This section does not include date fields, so it does not indicate when you became or were a member of these groups. However, you have the option to showcase the comprehensive version in your uploaded CV. 


9. Work Samples, Links to My Work



The work samples section is where you may upload the files of your work that you would like to include in your Devex profile. On the other hand, the links to my work section is where you could enter the names and links of websites where your work is featured online.


10. Contact Details


Our recruiter members will still be able to contact our candidates through the Devex site, even if there are no contact details found on the member's profile. However, some recruiters are also interested in contacting candidates right away via phone call. You may add your preferred contact number at the address part under the contact details section of your profile.

The social media part is also where you may showcase your profiles from other social media platforms. Just make sure that the profiles that you will share here are presentable and accessible by recruiters. 

Having an up-to-date and complete profile on Devex can open the door to exciting opportunities in the development sector. Our in-house recruiters continuously build specific curated talent pools for certain highly demanded positions. Learn more about it HERE