Creating or updating your organization profile

It's easy to create an organization profile, much of the information displayed is already on Devex, it's just a matter of compiling it in the one place. For more information on how information is gathered and presented in each section of the organization profile, read this here.  

To create a profile, or update it, follow the below steps.

  1. Please submit the following information to us
    • A link to your website so we can source company description and project information
    • Any additional information on projects not on your organization’s website which you would like to include in the contract awards database
    • Details on the number of staff, the main point of contact, and CEO details (if relevant)
    • The location of company offices, if it isn't clear on your website
    • An estimate of your development budget (optional)
  2. Create your Devex profile and name your organization as employer (and encourage your colleagues to do so too), as much of the information on the organization page is linked to staff profile