Using the Devex messaging feature

As one of the largest online communities of development professionals with over 1 million members, Devex provides a messaging feature where you can communicate with Devex members through the site. Members with recruiter access can use the full candidate search tools, while non-recruiters such as those with a Career Account or Community Membership can search using the person's name. 

This can be helpful when you want to contact a recruiter that may have reached out to you through Devex, or contact persons of an organization´s current or former staff. To send a message from the organization's profile page, just click on the Contact link next to the name:


This will lead you to the new message page where you can compose your message*



*If you have an alternate e-mail added to your account, you can select your e-mail address by clicking on the From drop-down list. You can also choose to hide your e-mail address from the recipient but note that the recipient will not be able to reply to your message.

After hitting the Send button, you'll receive a confirmation that your message has been sent. The system will also send you a copy of your message by e-mail. 

You can also click on Contact on a member's profile page to send them a message.