Understanding the user menu

The Devex drop down user menu is the control panel of your account, allowing you to manage your account settings using the blue links shown below: 

User Menu.gif

While there might be some additional account options for other membership types, here are the basic links on the user menu, upon creating a Devex account. To access its corresponding page, just hover your mouse to the highlighted section.  

  • View profile - this is where you can quickly and clearly access your Devex profile.
  • [Your name] - it shows you a preview of your profile that's visible to recruiters.
  • My Devex - it’s your personalized page where you can keep track of the development stories that matter to you most.
  • Manage users  - this will only appear if you are an administrator of an organization's membership, if you would like to know how to manage the users on the membership please access this article.
  • Update my profile - this will direct you to the edit profile page where you can add or update your information.
  • My billing - when applicable, this will take you to your billing page where you can review your paid subscription, update your card details, or cancel your membership.
  • Account & privacy settings - on this page, you can add an alternate e-mail, change your password, manage your profile visibility, and unsubscribe from Devex emails. 
  • My posted jobs - this section will only appear if you have posted a job advertisement on the Devex job board.
  • My saved jobs - this is where you can review the job ads you've saved or marked as "Saved jobs," your job applications list, and recommended jobs based on your uploaded CV.
  • Manage newsletters - this lists all the newsletters published by Devex that you can sign up for. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the newsletters on this page.
  • Support – this page offers resources such as FAQs and guidelines to help members find the answers they need.
  • Sign out - click to log out of your account.