Subcontracting opportunities and contract awards

Q: I am interested to know more about the subcontracts section of the Devex site. I only see three subcontracting opportunities on the Development Funding page. Is there a different section of the website that has more extensive detail on subcontracting opportunities?
A: We publish new subcontracting opportunities each day and are actively engaging with larger organizations to continue to increase the number. This section on the Development Funding page represents a sample of them. Members discover these opportunities within their daily business alert, and by using keywords (for examples the names of large contractors) or location filters on the funding search.
Q: The detail on signed contracts within the contract awards database seems to be patchy, what do you publish?
A: We publish everything funders publish and are actively doing outreach to get access to awards they don't publish, as well as sourcing this information from awardees directly.
Q: Does the contract awards database include grants and cooperative agreements, or only contracts?
A: Yes, we include grants and cooperative agreements in our contract awards database.