Visualize your search results to understand funding trends

By clicking on the Visualize search results button above the search box you can quickly understand the top ten funders, recipient countries or regions of funding, and pattern of funding, based on your search criteria.




Why do members use this option? 

Many members use this option to identify funding trends. Depending on which filters you use, you can understand trends related to open or closed funding opportunities, past contract awards, or funding activity news content.

Here are some examples of member use cases:

  • Diversify your regional focus. Imagine you're interested in infrastructure funding opportunities and are thinking about Central Asia as a new region to work in. By searching based on this location and keyword you can identify the top ten funders with the most open infrastructure related funding opportunities there.

  • Discover new sources of funding. Perhaps you would like to consider non-traditional funding sources such as private foundations and corporations funding health programs in East Africa.

  • Expand the work you do with a particular donor. You may have experience working with DFID on education focused projects in Jordan, and now you would like to see where they are funding other education related projects.

  • Identify who has awarded projects within a sector and region in the past. You may be looking at West Africa as a new region to work on health projects in, but you want to know which organizations have funded health projects there in the past, select the Contract Award database to search in and visualize the results.

  • Spot trends regarding future funding based on official donor information. For example visualize the World Banks operational summary data by selecting the funding activity database, filtering based on World Bank and operational document as "source", or EuropeAid's Action Fiche information. This information can take time to go through, but if you visualize the results of just the funding activity database you can get a clearer picture of where and on what the funding will be spent.