What makes Devex World different from other DC-based development conferences?

Devex World will be a unique event for several reasons.

Devex is organizing a global event for 500+ people that happens to take place in Washington. We will be convening the private sector, foundations, donors and development implementers from around the world for a one day event looking at the future of global development.

Rather than segment our audience by sector, we will have a multifaceted dialogue bringing representatives from various sectors together to discuss the following themes: innovating at scale, data, revolution, new funding models, business transforming development and from storytelling to movement building.

Devex World will be a dynamic event and not a series of panel presentations. The day will consist of several workshops, TED-style talks, rapid interviews, an innovation zone and other interactive sessions to not only hear from our presenters but also engage our community of experts attending the event.

We also don’t want Devex World to be a great one-day event, we want it to be a moment in time that is part of an ongoing dialogue with editorial coverage before, during and after Devex World to continue the conversation on advancing economic development globally.