Enhancing job posting visibility through salary transparency

Over the past few years, Devex has actively encouraged employers to disclose the salary ranges for the positions they advertise on the largest global development job board. As of 2023, over a quarter of all job postings in the Devex job board include salary information. 

For many global development professionals, salary is a crucial factor when considering a new opportunity. Nearly 70% of job seekers say salary information is a high priority when searching through job posts. To learn more about salary transparency, check our latest reporting

By default, when you post a job on Devex, the salary information will be displayed publicly. However, you can choose not to disclose the salary by selecting the alternative options.

Salary Information.gif


Based on the selected salary options, the job posting summary will appear as follows:

  • Display salary information publicly.
  • Provide salary information to Devex for analytical purposes only.

This information is used for our analysis, which can get included in Devex Career articles, such as: What we know about salaries for chief of party positions and What we know about globaldev director-level salaries.

Analytical Purposes.png
  • Do not add salary information.
No salary info.png

To find out more about how to post a job on Devex, click here for additional information.