Job stage categories

When posting a job you can categorize it as a current, proposal or talent pool position to clarify the type of position for those searching for jobs and help you source the right candidates faster. Here's a brief explanation of what each stage indicates:

  • Current: Refers to all job opportunities actively seeking candidates for open positions.
  • Proposal: Indicate that the organization is responding to a call for proposals, and offering a role subject to project award.
  • Talent pool: Develop a roster of go-to experts, pre-qualify candidates for future roles or create a network of relevant professionals for current and future recruiting needs

Why use talent pools?
More and more recruiters are using talent pools to help build diversity and streamline the hiring process for their organization. We recently spoke with several UNHCR recruitment leaders to learn more about the role talent pools play in their ongoing pipeline and recruitment strategies. They shared these five strategies for how to start building talent pools within your organization. 
With your Devex Recruitment Account, you have access to a wide net of candidates, the ability to create a pool of candidates within folders on Devex to access for future recruitment initiatives allows you work more efficiently.