Featuring jobs

By featuring a job, you position it at the top of the Devex Job Board, the weekly newsletter (as per above) and at the top of custom job alerts individuals set-up.

Featured positions receive on average 10 times more views. 

Highlighted prominently to the 1 million+ visitors to our job board each month, as well as to the 400,000 subscribers to our Weekly Jobs Newsletter, featured positions are a great way to further fast-track your hiring process and raise awareness of your organization as a growing development employer. 

With your Recruitment Account, you can feature jobs for 30 days for just $99. To feature an existing job posting, access the list of job postings on your Recruiter Dashboard and click on the star icon corresponding to the job you would like to feature.

To feature a job posting as you are posting it, just login and post the job as you normally would do through the job posting form (see this article for step by step guide on how to do so). Once you you have confirmed the preview you can then choose standard or featured options.

If you would like further information on this please contact us here.