How can I access the Devex funding platform?

There are currently two memberships available if you're looking to access the Devex funding platform. They are the Devex Business Intelligence Account and the Devex Tender Tracking Account.

The Business Intelligence Account (BIA) gives you full access to our funding platform and exclusive expert analysis and inside reporting on 600+ funding sources. You will get access to all the basic tender tracking features as well as a complete view of the funding cycle —  from early intelligence through to shortlists and contract awards. Upcoming funding opportunities and in-depth analysis on donor priorities and the sector are presented through reports, data visualizations, articles and webinars. Subscribing to a BIA also gives you access to all Devex Pro content.

The Tender Tracking Account (TTA) gives you basic access to our funding platform and is geared towards those that are just tracking current active funding opportunities. It provides access to our funding platform for program and tender tracking, as well as recently-published grants and open opportunities from 600+ funding sources.

More information about both of these memberships can be found here.