Setting up different business alerts

Members can use business alerts to receive content like funding opportunities and funding news of relevance directly to their inbox each day or week.

Members take different approaches to tracking funding, some are focused on one donor in specific locations, and others want to diversify funding sources or expand into new regions.

We recommend new members to set-up a number of different types of alerts and monitor the results over a number of weeks to assess which work the best.

Here are some links to particular searches which members have based their alerts on:

Use a combination of relevant keywords, filters and filtered by specific donors to track funding coming from particular donors, including tenders, grants, open opportunities, program reports, and funding activity feed entries in your business alert.

Note: you can choose to include or exclude program reports and funding activity feed entries alongside tenders, grants and open opportunities by ticking the relevant boxes




Track funding of donors within regions they have experience in by using the region filter, perhaps you want to discover new funding sources to that region.




Diversify funding sources and expand into new regions by using a set of keywords and filters, while leaving the donor and location filter blank unless there is a particular region of interest