What are program reports?

Many members new to development funding ask what our funding reports are, and what the difference is between them. 

A donor releases a program report before the tendering process begins. The report shares project details like background, components, total budget and possible sectors of engagement. These reports share insights on possible procurement opportunities that may arise in the future, though not all development projects require procurement procedures to be implemented. They don't go into the same level of detail as tenders do. A program report does not request proposals, and is not an opportunity that you can bid on, it aims to share the goals and scale of a project.

Note, not all funders have program reports, and not all program reports may necessarily lead to tenders being released. For example, the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and the Global Affairs (GA) programs don't usually have related tenders. While EuropeAid, WB, IADB, ADB, AIIB, EBRD do define a program report as an umbrella funding mechanism from which tenders are released.