Creating career alerts

Devex has the world's largest global development job board,  featuring over 6,000 opportunities in global health, development finance, humanitarian aid, the environment, and more. Every 15 days, we introduce an additional 4,000 job opportunities to our board, making it the perfect platform to advance your career and discover your next challenge.

By creating career alerts, you can effortlessly stay up to date with new job opportunities that align with your specific requirements. Setting this up is free if you have a Devex account.

1. Go to the job search page by clicking on JOBS from the home page.

2. To create an alert, input keywords and filters to define your search results then click on the Alerts button.


3. Select your alert’s name and choose how often you want to receive notifications, such as daily or weekly. If the alert is set up weekly, it will be sent on the same day of the week that you are setting it up.

4. To save the alert, click Confirm alert.


5. After creating alerts, you will have the option to search for, deactivate, or delete them.



  • Notifications from created alerts will be sent to your email address by Devex Alerts <>. These notifications will provide you with the number of matches in your saved search, along with links and important job details.
  • Sometimes, alerts from Devex may land in promotions or spam on Gmail. Move them to your primary tab or add to your contacts to ensure you don't miss any alerts.
  • Using multiple filters can occasionally lead to an overwhelming number of options or no results at all. We recommend either using fewer filters or opting for a single filter. This will make it easier to narrow down your choices and manage your job search effectively.