Create, edit, activate and deactivate alerts

Members can use business alerts to receive content like funding opportunities and funding news of relevance directly to their inbox each day or week. The goal of the Devex business development resources is to improve the efficiency of those that work in international development, setting up effective business alerts is key to achieving this.

 1. Create an alert by firstly running a search, and then clicking “Create Alert” at the top of the page to save your search criteria. You then choose how often you would like to receive it, and name it.


2. Review your alerts, activate or deactivate them by clicking on the “alerts” button at the top of the list of search results. The blue icons on the right allow you edit and delete alerts.



  • If you have a company rather than an individual membership, you can review your colleagues’ alerts by clicking on “Shared alerts”. You can even activate an alert based on the criteria they have set-up.
  • It’s only possible to deactivate or delete your own alerts.


3. Update your alert by clicking on the blue icon beside "activate" or "deactivate" on the list, then making the necessary changes to the keywords or filters, and clicking “Update alert”.