Devex Pro, Devex Pro Funding and Devex Pro Funding for organizations — what's the difference?

Devex Pro is a paid news and analysis subscription available for purchase online that provides deeper analysis and exclusive insights from our reporters and analysts. Subscribers get daily must-read news, proprietary analysis and reporting, a special Pro-only newsletter, exclusive digital events, and access to thousands of previously published articles. Devex Pro is designed to help professionals decipher development and make a bigger impact. 

Devex Pro Funding is a news and funding platform membership designed for individuals that can be purchased online. Members get to access to Devex Pro in addition to the Devex funding platform. The funding platform is a searchable database of funding opportunities from 850+ sources, early information and news on funding, contract awards and shortlist announcements. Individuals use the platform features to improve their funding pipeline and remain informed of the latest changes in development funding.

Devex Pro Funding for organizations caters to the needs of groups, teams and entire organizations. It includes all that is offered with Devex Pro Funding in addition to features that allow easy sharing of funding opportunities and email alerts with those that don't have membership access. Members can download search results to allow them to sort and integrate them into their project management system. Pro Funding for organizations offers access to the database of 1 million+ development professionals so that members can source experts for proposals, donor contacts and others key contacts to support their funding strategy. Members can connect with our team of analysts on particular questions around funding opportunities. This is combined with training and support from our member experience team to ensure members can maximize the benefits of the membership.

Here's a breakdown that outlines the differences in more detail:

Devex Pro offers access to:

  • Daily coverage, analysis, and reporting of global development issues of the day from an insider's perspective — covering topics from food systems to financial inclusion to fracases atop UN agencies and among development leaders.
  • In-depth analysis of policy changes within the major funding institutions.
  • Reports and data visualizations of current funding streams which offer context and understanding around the distribution of donor funding.
  • A special, Pro-only weekend newsletter designed to give you a jump-start and a comparative advantage for the week ahead.
  • Digital events where you can hear from and interact directly with Devex’s top reporters, editors, and analysts - as well as industry insiders, policymakers, and leaders we invite in.

Devex Pro Funding offers access to:

  • Devex Pro content
  • Active tenders, grants and open opportunities from over 850 traditional and non traditional donor agencies.
  • Program reports to learn about the scope of the overall project, before the tenders, grants and open opportunities are released.
  • The funding activity database which offers news of the latest new partnerships, loan approvals, and funding instruments, which is compiled using machine learning technology and analytical expertise to track 600k+ national and international media and donor sources each day. 
  • Organizations that have been shortlisted and won contracts in the contract awards database.
  • Custom alerts to receive all relevant funding opportunities and funding activity feed entries directly to your inbox each day.

Devex Pro Funding for organizations offers access to:

  • All of what's offered with Devex Pro Funding features and Devex Pro content.
  • Sharing features to allow users share funding opportunities, news, and entire email alerts with others, whether they have full access to Devex or not, improving visibility of key information across your organization.
  • The database of 1 million+ development professionals. Searchable by location, donor and sector experience, the professional profiles listed in our database are an essential resource for business development, proposal writing and partnerships teams. 
  • Downloadable funding search results for use in internal systems. With organizations using a variety of different internal project pipeline management systems, integration between systems and information on Devex has never been more important. 
  • Expert advice from our analysts 24/5 via the contact an analyst button.
  • Tailored content so each user can receive the information they specifically need to support their work and increase individual productivity.  
  • Dedicated Support from our member experience team. Get technical help, onboarding and training sessions and answers to any questions you have. 
  • One central page to manage users and multiple access points, and billing.

To sign up visit our Pro Funding page.