How do I manage my email preferences?

You can choose the email updates you'd like to get regularly by managing your email preferences. Refer to this guide if you're trying to unsubscribe from Devex emails and do not have a Devex account.

Below are steps to unsubscribe entirely or take a break from receiving some Devex emails:

1. Log in to your Devex profile and click "Manage Newsletters" from the dropdown menu.

2. On the "Manage newsletters" page, click the check marks corresponding to the Newsletters and Focus Areas coverage you would like to stop receiving to deactivate your subscription.

3. Click the link to email preferences at the top of the page.


4. Press the toggle button to unsubscribe from these email categories:

  • Emails from Devex partners
  • Invitations to Devex events
  • Notifications


If you choose "Do not send me any emails," that will stop all notifications. All your previous subscriptions will appear in greyscale, and you should see a highlighted message at the top of the page.