Review the activity on your recruitment account

The Recruiter Dashboard offers an overview of the activity on your recruitment membership.

Topics in this article


1. Overview

Click on Recruitment on the top navigation bar to get directly to the recruiter dashboard.


At the top of the page you can get quick access to key tools like saved searches, folders, notes, and more. You will also see the number of job postings left each month or each year, depending on if you have a monthly or annual membership.



2. Job Postings

Further down, you can see and access all jobs posted by you and your organization.


  • While those listed above are the active job postings, you can also view the closed and draft postings by clicking the relevant option on the top right hand corner.
  • This displays the date the job was posted (“from”) and the deadline date (“to”), in addition to the number of views the job has had and the number of applications to the job. You can easily click on the title of any job to edit it.

Note: If the job description has been set to direct applicants to a different webpage when applying, rather than to an email address, the number of applications per job featured on your Recruiter Dashboard will reflect the number of times the “Apply” button has been clicked, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the accurate number of applications, as we don´t know if the applicant completed the application through the other webpage.


3. Saved Searches/ Manage Candidate Alerts

  • Underneath this you can see the searches both you and your colleagues have saved, and you can activate, deactivate alerts or delete searches.



4. Folders

  • You can access all the folders that have been created by both you and your team on the dashboard. You can also add and remove folders here. To view all folders just click on “See all folders”.
  • Remember, all folders are shared with those on your membership except the “Favorites” folder. This is the only folder that is not accessible to anyone but you.



5. Request CVs

At the bottom of the Recruiter Dashboard you can see the CVs that you have requested and whether they are available.


Note: It's only possible to request for a CV if the individual has not uploaded one, if you would like to request an updated version of an individual's CV, you should email them by using the contact button. On how to request CVs see here.