Understanding funding trends and planning more strategically

Your Devex Pro Funding membership allows you identify broader funding trends happening within the funding environment and plan more strategically. This article highlights a number of the resources you can use to do so.

This quick video also highlights the possibilities that you have to use our funding analysis to your advantage:

1. Visualize your search results

By clicking on the button above the search box you can quickly understand the top ten funders, recipient countries or regions of funding, and pattern of funding distribution based on your search criteria.


Examples of member use cases:

  • Diversify your regional focus. For example, if you're interested in infrastructure funding opportunities and think Central Asia could be a new region to work in, you could search based on this location and keyword to identify the top ten funders with the most open infrastructure related funding opportunities there.
  • Discover new sources of funding. Perhaps you would like to consider non-traditional funding sources such as private foundations and corporations funding health programs in East Africa.
  • Identify who has awarded projects within a sector and region in the past. You may be looking at West Africa as a new region to work on health projects in, but you want to know which organizations have funded health projects there in the past.
  • For more use case examples visit this article

2. Learn about future donor priorities and past contract award history on the Funding Overview page

Access the articles on the Funding Overview page to interact with the visualizations presenting future donor priorities for IDB, USAID, World Bank, ADB, DFID, amongst others. Along with these articles on future priorities, we have published a series of articles on AfDB's past contract award information.


Member use cases:

  • Understand where the World Bank is distributing funding based on the monthly operational summary (MOS) data they publish by accessing the World Bank MOS data visualization or funding activity entries to interact with it based on country, sector and funding instrument. Many members then access the contract awards database to understand which partner organizations they should approach to collaborate with within the country.
  • For smaller organizations that want to get involved with larger projects but need to partner with the main implementers that bid on these projects, knowing about future projects at the early stage (in the WB context it would be at the MOS stage) means you can connect with the right partners about future projects in advance, in doing so better position yourself to be considered as a sub-partner. 

3. Learn of news related to new funding initiatives, partnerships and loan approvals

  • Search through the content within the funding activity database by selecting just that box on the funding search to learn of news related to funding. Those relevant to your business alert criteria will feature in your business alerts. This information is compiled from over 700 sources each day, ranging from media outlets to donor websites and the Devex network.


Member use cases:

  • Instead of accessing 20 different websites each day to understand the latest donor news on migration access the information on this which compiles content from approximately 700 sources.
  • Search through the USAID business forecast opportunities by keyword to identify those of interest in seconds.
  • Learn of a new loan approval related to your sector and region of interest before the program report stage. 

4. Identify future potential partners and competitors

Combine this knowledge about future funding with the contract award information, by just selecting the contract awards box on the funding search to identify potential partners and competitors.