Newsletters focused on funding

As the media platform for the global development community, Devex brings you insight on the latest news and trends impacting our industry.

There are two of our weekly publications that are particularly focused on the funding landscape, many of the articles within these will be available to you exclusively with your Devex membership.  

  • Development Invested: the insider brief on business, finance, and the SDGs
  • Money Matters: the latest contract award and shortlist announcements, procurement news, and practical business advice

Our Devex Pro Funding members rely on the information in these newsletters to inform their strategic planning and decision-making. 

In addition to these, there are a host of other newsletters that include the articles published on Devex each day, which you can subscribe to and unsubscribe to as you like. To review them, visit the Manage Newsletter page through the drop-down menu under the profile icon on the navigation bar at the top.