Uploading your CV to your Devex profile

To upload your CV to your profile:

1. Log in to your Devex account

2. Hover your cursor over your photo/user icon beside the down-arrow, then click on Update (next to Profile: % Complete) on the Devex user menu. 


For faster access in the future, you may also just bookmark this direct link.


3. Click CVs on the quick panel at the right side. This will direct you to the CVs section, where you may upload your CV. Then, click on the   button to upload your CV file. 

4. Click on the Select File button to locate the document you wish to upload.

5. Enter a name for your CV in the CV Name field, and then click on 



  • It is best to properly fill out all the fields under the Basic Information and Professional Experience sections first, before you upload your CV. 
  • Make sure that your uploaded CVs are updated and that you use file names that would make it easy for recruiters' use. Since you may upload several CVs, you may also tailor your CVs according to the skills that you're good at. E.g. CV Name: Monitoring and Evaluation_John Smith
  • The only acceptable file formats for documents are: DOC, RTF, PDF, TXT, PPT, XLS
  • File size per upload should not exceed 3MB