How do I change my account email address?

To change the email address associated with your Devex account, log in to your Devex profile and click on "Account & privacy settings" from the Devex user menu.

user menu

You'll need to add your new email address as an alternate email first before you can update it as your primary email address.

*Please note that if you'll encounter an error when adding a new email address, it is likely that it already exist in our system and linked to another account. If so, contact us and specify the new email address you're trying to add.

 add alternate email


Once you've added it as an alternate email, click on the plus-symbol and check your mailbox for an email with the subject "Verify your Devex email". You can click on the verify email button, or manually paste the url into your internet browser.

Once your email is verified, you can then use it as your primary email to access your Devex account.

confirm alternate email


*Only your primary email address can receive alerts, newsletters and other Devex notifications.