How to post a job

Once posted, your jobs will be included on our job board - the world’s most popular among global development professionals - and within our Weekly Jobs Newsletter. A publication that reaches over 300,000 development professionals. Your job may also be included in individual custom alerts set-up by candidates.

Watch this video or read through the instructions below to learn how.


Steps for posting a job

1. Click on "Post a Job" under the Recruitment tab on the navigation bar.


2. Choose how you would like to promote your job.


3. Fill out the relevant sections on the job detail page.

Note: If you choose to direct job applicants to a different web page in order to complete their application, the number of applications per job as stated on your Recruiter Dashboard will reflect the number of times the “Apply” button has been clicked, rather than the number of applicants that end up finally submitting their applications through the other webpage.

4. After you have filled out all details, click preview job to see a draft version of the job.


5. Once you have previewed the job, and are happy with it, click continue. If you would like to edit it, click edit to go back to the previous page.


6. When everything looks right, just click continue to choose your payment option.


7. After you have selected one of the two options click on Next to get to the confirmation page. Your job is now posted. Simply click close and you will then be able to find matching candidates on the next page.

8. On the next page you will be presented with candidate recommendations from our candidate database that match your job description, making it easier and more efficient for you to fill your position. These recommendations will also be sent to you via email.


Note: this new feature is still in its early phase. Devex is testing a new approach using artificial intelligence to match your job description with CVs uploaded by our members.


If you want to learn more about posting, editing, featuring, or re-posting jobs have a look at this article.