What is the difference between Devex Pro Funding and Devex Pro Funding for Organizations?

Devex Pro Funding can be purchased online and offers access for individuals to the Pro news and analysis content and funding platform. Devex Pro Funding for Organizations is designed to cater to the needs of groups, teams and entire organizations by including features to facilitate their workflows. These features include the following:

  • Options to easily share funding opportunities, news, and entire email alerts with others, whether they have full access to Devex or not, improving visibility of key information across your organization. Learn more about sharing individual funding opportunities and how to use the team dashboard to share entire alerts.
  • Full access to the database of 1million+ development professionals. Searchable by location, donor and sector experience, the professional profiles listed in our database are an essential resource for business development, proposal writing and partnerships teams. Learn how to search candidates for recruitment and networking here.
  • Ability to download search results for use in your internal systems. With organizations using a variety of different internal project pipeline management systems, integration between systems and information on Devex has never been more important. You can now download search results to easily integrate funding data into your internal system. 
  • Get expert, tailored advice from our analysts 24/5 via the contact an analyst button.
  • Ability to customize content so each user can tailor their own alerts, newsletters, and notifications to support their work and increase individual productivity.  
  • Dedicated Support from our member experience team. Get technical help, virtual onboarding and training sessions and answers to any questions you have. 
  • One central page to manage users and multiple access points, and billing.

The cost of individual Devex Pro Funding access is $999 annually and $149.99 monthly, it is against our terms and conditions to share user login details.  Devex Pro for Organizations offers custom pricing based on group size. To sign up visit our Pro Funding page.